I majored in gif making.

this is so sad

between the first and last days of college, he lost his sight, his friends, and his smile

Sounds like college to me.

Sometimes, my life seems so unreal.

I blink my eyes and everything feels like a dream. I blink my eyes and go to school. I do what I must to keep on going. I have no destination; my goals are like small bridges to be crossed over and left behind as some sort of accomplishment. An overwhelming sense of climbing ladders or stairs, leveling up and growing up, exchanging this moment for another minute or hour. I blink my eyes and think of waking up. What is this life I am a part of? I feel disconnected and lonely. Passion is like a handful of coins falling from my pocket. Is there a hole I need to mend? Blinking my eyes, again… They close and, for the smallest moment in time I hope to see something new, as they open to familiar sights.

Posted 2 years ago