when someone associates you with a character you really really love it’s like the best feeling in the world everyone go home


When I find myself in times of trouble brother castiel comes to me…

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Supernatural + text post


Babe did you fall from heaven bc you seem to be a chaotic ever shifting sphere of eyes & wings making a sound not of this earth and I’m kind of hoping God sent you because this is terrifying





sex education at its finest


"so do tampons make girls feel like they’re having sex all the time?"

"Wait, I thought periods only lasted like one day?"

Actual quote from first boyfriend, 18 at the time.



Can’t argue with that

Before you do something heroic in front of your crush, make sure you look good. - a wise advice from your Captain. 





Omg look it’s two female characters with a purpose and emotions and BONUS they also mirror the lead two boys perfectly… I know what we should do. Let’s kill ‘em.

It’s important to note one thing about Jo and Ellen’s deaths.
Season five was intended by Kripke and all parties as the FINAL SEASON.
He was killing off everyone around Sam and Dean because the show was coming to an end.


also can we talk about the fact that one of the biggest contribution to the writing of their deaths was the adamant hatefulness from so many female fans? Can we please talk a little bit about internalized misogyny and how it has an affect on female representation in media? Cuz I’m pretty sick and tired of seeing male villains like Crowley being utterly adored by female fans but villains like Bela, Meg, and Naomi being completely and utterly hated to the point of fans DEMANDING writers kill them off. Jo and Ellen were hated on so so so much. It was ridiculous. And quite sad too, seeing as Jo was literally written as the female version of Dean.